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Working behind the scenes, Sky Concierge Network’s Concierge Management Team supports and enriches its members’ and their guests’ passions and interests whilst redefining the hallmark of legendary Concierge Service.

Personalized Home Services

Designed to put your estate in order once you’re out the door. From laundry, to making beds; kitchen and bathroom clean-up to disposing of trash, we can manage the ‘dirty work’ so you can focus on getting to your destination.

Contractor Access and Supervision

It may become necessary to provide contractors with access into your estate. They can manage the process from scheduling and meeting them at your property, to locking up and securing things after their departure.

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What is a concierge? Why do I need one?

Concierges work in luxury apartment buildings, assistant living facilities and senior living communities that offer personalized services and amenities. They will help guests with arranging personal errands such as small deliveries, coordinating maintenance staff , connect residents to local party providers, and even organizing social events.
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