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Tourism Fiji Expects 600,000 Guests by the end of 2022

According to Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill, the country has welcomed 520,312 tourists in the previous 12 months as of the end of October, and they expect to welcome 600,000

A Total of 23 lakh Tourists Visited Kashmir This Year

Until October of this year, a record 23 lakh tourists visited the Kashmir Valley. The valley was last visited by a large number of tourists in 2012, when approximately 13

Tourism in Philippine Promotes Davao

Manila, November 30, 2022: Tourism in Philippine, a Department of Tourism social media campaign, promotes the sights and sensations of the Davao region. The advertisement focuses on the breathtaking natural

Alaska Independent Coach Tours Invests $3.5M in Sustainable Tourism

Alaska Independent Coach Tours has announced an additional $3.5 million investment to bring six new MCI coaches into its fleet, in line with the joint venture Na-Dena' LLC's expansion plans

Taiwan Uses The “silver economy” To Boost Tourism

Taiwan's tourism bureau held a press conference on Wednesday to promote the results of its efforts to attract more elderly visitors to Taiwan. The Golden Years travel initiative of the

Tourism in Greece Revenues have Already Surpassed

Minister of Tourism in Greece, Vassilis Kikilias, revealed that the country's tourism revenue has already surpassed € 18 billion this year. According to, the announcement was made on Friday,

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