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Regent International School

Principal’s Welcome


I am extremely excited, proud and delighted to have been appointed as the new Principal at Regent International School. With a rich history of over 40 years and rated “Outstanding” by BSO, Regent is recognised  as  one of the leading and most innovative international schools in Dubai.

Inspiring minds, building character and going beyond, Regent’s core values  of  excellence and passion;  integrity;  service to our community; and  respect & compassion encompass the qualities that lead and enable our young learners to gain access to the top Universities and Colleges across the world.

Regent International School is a school that your child and you will love, and one where they will realise more than they ever thought was possible. Powered by our unique ‘Signature Programmes,’ we are a character-building and ambitiously innovative school with an inspirational, engaging, and dynamic learning environment at the core. Our education delivery is highly ambitious and innovative using a Project-based Learning combined with our STEAM programme; augmented by a next-generation AI learning platform to enable self-paced problem solving; an inspirational Creative & Performing Arts programme; and a rich variety of Extracurricular activities to excite, inspire and challenge our curious and open-minded students with a desire to learn. Regent’s immersive AR / VR programme makes learning truly transformational and enjoyable enabling students to experience and visualise science, art, history, culture, and academics like never before.

We are a global leader in Positive Education (PosEd) – a paradigm shift in education worldwide – where education regulators, parents and society have realised that outstanding teaching can only be achieved when academic and personal achievement are combined with a strong foundation in wellbeing, values, and character development. Our young learners grow to have a strong sense of character and purpose, lifelong values, resolute self-belief, and emotional wellbeing. In short, Regent students not only shine academically but also flourish in life.

We have a dynamic student body and an inspiring team of teachers who motivate our students to go well beyond their expectations. By empowering our students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem-solvers, socially confident and inspired learners, the school is committed to every child achieving their dreams and ambitions. We are a school that is genuinely restless in our pursuit of excellence and the phrase ‘Every Child Matters’  is a live,  real achievement and not merely a strap line.

Explore our website to get a snapshot of the vibrancy and spirit of Regent and come visit us to see our students going beyond in action.

I look forward to welcoming you to Regent.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Jason King


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Regent International School - First Al Khail Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates