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Lanas Beach Resort

Carabao Island is the southernmost island of Romblon also known as Hambil by locals belongs to the municipality of San Jose in the province of Romblon, this slice of tropical paradise has been described as Boracay from 30 years ago. For the longest time, Carabao Island has been like a satellite orbiting Boracay, its fortunes tied tightly to the latter’s tourism industry. Many guests in Boracay often take day tours to carabao Island, or stay there for a couple of days to enjoy its more serene vibe before heading back to party in Boracay, but most of them especially foreigners fell in love with the beauty and serenity of the place and now found a new home and now staying for more than 20 years in the Island.

Throughout much its Spanish and American colonial history, the island and its inhabitants repeatedly changed hands between the political jurisdictions of Romblon and Capiz provinces, before becoming a separate municipality of Romblon in 1969. Majority of the town’s inhabitants speak Onhan, a western visayan language also spoken in some parts of Aklan in Panay Island.


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Lanas Beach Resort - Carabao Island, San Jose, Romblon, Philippines