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Jakarta Indonesia Korean School

"Welcome to the Jakarta Indonesia Korean School”

Jakarta Indonesia Korean School opened in 1976 with the goal of ‘fostering creative global talents who enjoy learning’. Our school is officially accredited by the governments of Korea and Indonesia, and operates all elementary, middle and high school courses by integrating Korea's excellent curriculum with Indonesia's characteristics. It is the best Korean international school that has produced numerous outstanding individuals.

Modern society is changing rapidly. We should not prepare for the future in the same ways as we have the past. Therefore, future talents should have the ability to solve problems creatively than those with more knowledge. In this regard, all of our faculty and staff are working together to cultivate talents with global citizenship and English proficiency (Global), Korean language and national identity (National), local language education and local expertise (Local).

In order to make our students with a better today than yesterday and a better tomorrow
than today, we would like to ask for support from all the parents as well as Korean
families residing in Indonesia. I hope this website becomes a place of communication
for exchanging and sharing opinions among students, parents, faculty members,
and all Korean families residing in Indonesia.

All the faculty and staff of Jakarta Indonesia Korean School


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Jakarta International Korean School, Jalan Bina Marga, RT.2/RW.4, Ceger, East Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia