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Al Khor Mall

Alkhor Mall, sprawling over an area of about 55,016.67 square meters, is the first mall as well as the largest of its kind in the Alkhor. With more than 100 outlets and a variety of dining options, fashion outlets, multiplexes and family entertainment center, the mall enables you to indulge in a plethora of interesting activities other than shopping.

The typical Arabic architectural style blended with facilities of international standards adds to its convenience and style. Further, the mall comes with an expansive parking lot that can hold up to 1,000 cars. Best of all, Alkhor Mall boasts of a strategic location and is close to such highlights of the city as Beautiful Beaches, Qatar &Ras Gas housing complex and JabalJassiya that stands out for its beautiful rock carvings. Apart from these, the mall’s entire system and services have been controlled by the highly sophisticated Building Management System(BMS).

Alkhor Mall is owned by LuLu Group International, a highly diversified entity with operations spanning a vast geographical landscape. Spearheaded by the retail division, LuLu Group has interests in Hypermarkets, Shopping Malls, Imports & Exports, Trading, Shipping, IT, Travel & Tourism and Education. With an annual turnover in excess of US $ 6.9 billion and staff strength of over 40000, LuLu Group is considered a major player in the economic scenario of the Middle East. A true follower of ethical business practices, LuLu Group is a key partner in the development of the community.


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Al Khor Mall, Al Khor, Qatar