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ACG School Jakarta

Welcome to ACG School Jakarta. Situated in South Jakarta, our school community is inclusive, warm and friendly and offers the highest of academic standards and pastoral care. We are a dynamic school offering an international education to students from around the world.

The International Baccalaureate Programmes and University of Cambridge qualifications we offer provide the basis for smooth progression and easy transition between Primary and Secondary. Our passionate, experienced teachers are professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that all students are offered the opportunity to fulfil their potential both in and beyond the classroom.

The quality of teaching and learning at ACG School Jakarta and our teachers’ ability to know our students sets us apart from other schools. As Sir John Graham and Dawn Jones, co-founders of Academic Colleges Group, wrote “Excellent teaching is at the heart of high quality learning. Students should be motivated by teachers who love their subject, are highly skilled in communicating their knowledge, enjoy what they are doing, and gain immense pleasure from working with young people.”

Learning and a foundation of excellence are central to ACG School Jakarta. The result is that, whether our students are local or expatriate, returning to Indonesia from overseas, transitioning from another school in Indonesia or seeking places at top universities around the world, ACG School Jakarta students are invariably well-equipped to take the next step in their education.

We are a proud community where our core values of Excellence, Partnerships, Integrity and Compassion underpin all that we do. Education here means so much more than the pursuit of academic results. Sports, the arts, and community service are all central to the balanced learning programmes we offer. We are acutely aware of our obligation to prepare young people to make their way in the world as confident, caring and responsible citizens.

Great schools are built on the efforts of good people, and I believe that our teachers and students are among the very best. Why not come and judge for yourselves? We would be delighted to meet you.

An amazing learning environment

Every ACG School Jakarta student receives our full support, our genuine interest and our professional expertise, ensuring they reach their full potential both academically and personally. The best possible education is delivered through our international curriculum, in a learning environment that is safe and nurturing.

With our global focus and emphasis on excellence in academics, ACG School Jakarta provides opportunities for students to grow in a safe, values-driven and forward-thinking environment. From Early Learning to Year 13, our students enjoy the benefits of world-class teaching from specialist educators to become creative, innovative problem solvers and advanced critical thinkers.

Situated in South Jakarta, our warm, inclusive, and progressive school community provides the highest academic standards and pastoral care. We promote a holistic, personalised learning approach that recognises every student is unique.

The quality of teaching at ACG School Jakarta sets us apart from other schools and ensures your child will not get lost in the crowd. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of local and globally recognised study options to deliver the best learning outcomes for your child. These include the respected Cambridge curriculum and International Baccalaureate programmes which can be customised to best suit each child’s needs.

Our dedication to developing the individual is also reflected in our co-curricular activities, which include a wide range of performing and fine arts, sporting, cultural and leadership opportunities.

By empowering all our students with a wide range of skills, abilities, and an entrepreneurial mindset, we ensure they reach their highest potential during their time with us and are well prepared for life beyond.



ACG School Jakarta is a diverse community of learners who are open-minded, responsible and caring. We inquire into the world around us through academic programmes that aim to prepare students for life’s opportunities. With an understanding of and respect for others and the environment, we actively strive to make a difference, locally and globally.



  • We are a school of creative, innovative problem solvers who are entrepreneurial and confident users of technology. Through creative learning experiences, we will pursue opportunities to excel in our area of interest and affect change in our local and global communities.
  • We are a school where taking responsibility, acting courageously, and exhibiting leadership are actively encouraged and rewarded.
  • We are a school community that respects nature, indigenous culture, and expressions of difference alongside unifying traditions.



Our student-centric approach to education has been shaped and defined by the celebrated core values that are central to the school.

  • Excellence – being a critical, creative thinker and problem solver, being resilient, persevering.
  • Partnerships – being involved in the community, partnering with parents and the wider community, embracing diversity.
  • Integrity – being honest, upholding strong morals, commitment to learning, being true to oneself.
  • Compassion – being caring, responsible and respectful.

We also believe that our students need to have a set of specific learning abilities to become competent and successful lifelong learners. As such, we focus on providing our students with the following skills:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Innovation



  • We believe that our students have the right to learn in a safe and nurturing environment, supported by excellent teachers through an internationally recognised curriculum.
  • We believe that our teachers inspire and motivate students to become innovative, entrepreneurial, creative problem solvers.
  • We believe in building strong relationships, where teachers know their students and help them to maximise their learning experience.
  • We believe that all members of our community respect our host country language and culture.
  • We believe in operating in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • We believe in promoting international-mindedness through our values.
  • We value our diverse community. We learn together; we play together; we grow and are nurtured together.
  • We believe in supporting students’ individual learning needs through a balanced approach.
  • We value a student-centred, balanced education where students learn through inquiry and collaboration, and have voice, choice and ownership.
  • We believe in promoting student-led action as a result of learning.
  • We believe in fostering strong home and school connections.


High Quality Learning and Teaching at ACG School Jakarta

High quality learning and teaching are evident when our teaching practices are responsive to students' prior knowledge and needs and when students are on a journey towards independence in creativity and entrepreneurial problem solving.

As a school, we support this by providing access to open ended learning experiences through differentiation, scaffolding, agency and challenge in different settings.

Our lessons have clarity of purpose and process, consistency of message across year levels and subject areas through safe and well-resourced learning opportunities.

Our students are offered timely, meaningful feedback, tilted towards progress, confidence and a 'no surprises' philosophy regarding academic reporting, supported by published learning objectives, curriculum outlines and assessment schedules.


Contact Information

Jl. Warung Jati Barat No.19, RT.1/RW.11, Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta City, Jakarta 12540, Indonesia